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Daily Woof December 3

Hey everyone from previously rainy Samui.

The good news is that it looks like the bad weather is behind us and we got some great weather coming up for diving and for me to hang on the beach and check everyone out.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the diving today due to very big waves, but the good news is I got out on the surfboard again and was raging out on Chaweng Beach.  Also we were able to move everyone into diving tomorrow, so no one was disapointed and the conditions tomorrow will be much better.

We were very busy in the shop today booking diving for the next few days and we are full tomorrow already and full for Koh Tao on Thursday with only a few spots open for Sail Rock.

Tomorrow I will be chasing my tail again as we have people finishing their open water courses, people starting open water courses and a ton of fun divers ( I never understood that term as all diving is fun)!

Me of course will be waiting for the sun to make his appearance as we have not seen it in a while.  You will be able to come check me out in my shades hanging on the beach.

Since there are no diving pictures today I will leave you with some pictures of me playing on Chaweng Beach earlier with the local kids.  Hopefully I will be back in action with them this week