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Daily Woof December 2

Happy New Year Everybody!!

What a big party we had here in Samui for New Years.  We partied our tails off.  As we all had the day off yesterday I stayed in and slept to recover from the New Years Eve party.  It was a good day to take off anyway as it rained all day.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the diving for today and tomorrow due to the big waves.  Of course it was pretty cool that I could swim to work today, not even in the sea.  I was able to swim right in the road all the way to work

The good news is that the weather is improving starting tomorrow and everyday after so I am getting psyched a bout the good diving coming up.

Today Karl, Dayna and Arnould had a huge group starting their open water course in the pool.  Well, if you’re going to get wet anyway today, you might as well have fun in the pool.

Joe got to have fun with Frederick doing bubblemaker in the pool.  Frederick is the some of one of our recent open water graduates, Jan.

Since I wasn’t on for a couple of days I’ll show you the pictures from Saturday’s diving.  We had two new certifications of Max and Fabian.

Now I guess I have to swim back home down Chaweng Beach road, so see you all tomorrow,