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Daily Woof -January 16th

Wow! -What an amazing day!

Paulo & Rute did their first Open Water dives at Mango Bay with Joe, the site has cleared up nicely and has great visibility now. Dayna took Su Sze to Chumphon Pinnacle which was (as usual) full of marine life. Both groups went to Twins for the second dive where everyone saw lots of cool stuff, including a Yellow Margin Triggerfish busy building it’s nest, right inbetween the shallow & middle pinnacles! Tomorrow Paulo and Rute will finish their course at Sail Rock (lucky people), while fun-diver Ian is off to Koh Tao. Lets hope the sun stays out in Koh Tao as it did today.

Life is good.

We have a few pics of today’s dives, just incase you weren’t jealous already…