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Archive for January 22, 2012

Daily Woof January 22

Another beautiful day in Koh Samui.  In Fact, as soon as I get done writing my blog today I am heading down to the beach to work on my tan.  Unfortunately I had to stay home today while the gang got to go out and have fun on the boat and diving.  Well, at least i get a half day on the beach.

The gang had a good time going to Koh Tao today.  We went to Chumphon and shark island today and the conditions are getting better.  too bad we did not see ahy sharks today, but maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow we got boats going to Chumphon, Koh Tao, and Sail Rock.  We even got divers tomorrow filming a documaentary.  I’ll have to make sure that I get my hair in order for tomorrow in case they want to take some shots of me.  Of course I am always cute anyway.

Ok, so it is off to the beach as this great day cannot be wasted being inside.  I will leave you with some of the pictures from today’s diving and talk to you tomorrow.