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Archive for January 21, 2012

Daily Woof -January 21st

Wow, today was a hot one… There were a lot of sun-seekers on the beach with me, but apparently the shop was empty! I know I attract all the customers, but  I have to top that tan up, remember? I’ll be at the shop tomorrow as we have Don and his family diving with Dayna at Chumphon Pinnacle and then Koh Tao, the visibility’s been great lately -I really hope they have a “whale(shark)” of a time, I’ll keep my paws crossed for you guys… Remember, the best diving season is upon us NOW & you mustn’t miss out! Go to our website to see all our available dive packages & prices and keep up to date with any promotions, Koh Samui’s beautiful weather, warm water and great diving are waiting for you…