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Archive for January 23, 2012

Daily Woof January 23

Wow!!!  What a day.  We are so busy now that my tail is just spinning round and round.  It is almost 7:00 and I am still in the office.  The beautiful weather we’re having here and the great diving conditions must be getting around because it seems everyone wants to dive with me. Oh, I mean us.

I didn’t even get a chance to get to the beach today.  We had boats going to Sail Rock and to Koh Tao today and everyone had a great time and saw lots of stuff.  Mindy completed here open water course also today.  She was one of those that took here time and would do a dive or two every week or two.  Wish I had that much free time.  Eric, Karl, Joe and Dayna were all on the boats today and Axel was in the office where he sold a ton of equipemnt.  Of course they only bought the equipment becaseu of my great salesmanship.

Tomorrow does not get any quieter.  We have 3 boats going out tomorrow with the whole gang taking divers and Dayna starting a few courses here in the office (with me assisting of course).

Those of you who are not in Koh Samui now should comne out as the weather now is what we are used to here.  Hot, dry, and sunny with no waves.  Perfect for diving and for my wakeboarding lesson tomorrow.  I hope I can keep all 4 paws on the board.

I’ll leave you with some pictures form the day again.  I hope you enjoy these and talk to you tomorrow.