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Daily Woof -27th January

Phew! Another busy, hot day at the office, with lots going on again;

Kajsa & Niclas from Finland completed their PADI Open Water course today with Karl at Sail Rock, congratulations! Dayna took Michael and Thomas from Germany to Angthong National Marine Park for a day of diving, snorkelling and sunbathing on the Tour Boat. Meanwhile in Koh Tao, Axel had a German family; Oliver went diving while the other 3 went snorkelling. Sasha & Eduard, from France went diving with ‘Papa Joe’and Eric took Stella, out to Chumphon. Claudio & Arnaud took a family of four out for their very first dive experience in Mango Bay!

Everyone had a great day in and out of the water. I just wish I could’ve gone, but someone’s gotta look after this place! Maybe next time it’s busy I’ll get Eric to sit in here while I go out on the boat… you know, ‘cos I’m a dog, my sense of smell is 5x more sensitive than humans, so I can find ALL the good stuff: Morays, Turtles, Nudis,… even Sharks. Eric’s lucky if he can find his way home!

Anyway, more from me later…