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Stoli’s Koh Samui diving blog

Today we welcomed a new member of our team.  Pony, who is our new DMT.  Congratulations to Nick and Auy today on the birth of their son.  Now he can join the other members of Generation D who will eventually be running Discovery.


Jagger (Eric and Stella)


Gihan  (Joe and Kim)


Peter (Thao)


Kali  (Steve and Cris)


I of course cannot have babies of my own thanks to my dad cutting off certain very important parts of my body.  I guess I will just have to train the new group instead.

We are still going full tilt here in Samui despite the issues in Bangkok.  The diving is great and no big crowds so come on out.  Today we had a full boat on a nice trip to Koh Tao.  A great time to come out and find some deals on flights, accommodation and of course diving.  check out our specials on

Bark at ya later,


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