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So today I am working in the new Chaweng shop.  Looking out for customers.  It’s a lot of fun working here as there are a lot of people going by on the street and this is low season.  I can’t imagine how busy I will be when high season comes around.  I had to stay off the boat today as I had a late night at the Boneyard with Deng Mo and Tang naam.  Remember everyone that here in Koh Samui we do not have a curfew so you can come here and do some partying and some diving (not on the same day of course).  In fact here on Samui it is pretty normal.  There is no army around and everything is calm and peaceful   It’s also great that a lot of the hotels have dropped their prices and some great deals out there.


Speaking of great deals, we are offering 15% discounts on all internet booking for fun-diving and PADI courses.  Maybe if you have been thinking about taking the PADI open water course or the PADI advance open water course now is a great time to do it as prices will never be lower.  You can even come and stay in my Stoli guest house if you like.

The diving is still great here.  Today we were at Koh Tao and visited Chumphon Pinnacle (15 meters), Mango Bay (15 meters) and Au Luek (10-12).  We had a big group of Discover Scuba Diving students as well as some experienced divers who went to Chumphon.  Everyone had a great day.  You can check out some of the pictures on our facebook page and check out some of our specials we are offering now at

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