Regular updates from Stoli (the world's only "Scubadog").


It is with sadness that we tell you all that our friend Stoli passed away last month. It has been a very tough time for his family and the whole Discovery team. Stoli was more than just a mascot, but family. Everyone will miss his smiling face on the boat and in the shops and especially jumping off the boats to join the divers and snorkelers in the water. We are sure he is up in dog heaven now swimming all day and may he rest in peace.

IMG_2422 IMG_1578 IMG_1538 IMG_1258 IMG_4163 DSC03198 DSC00603 DSC00602 stoli 3 IMG_0349 IMG_2016462829_235930013189402_1114641574_o 474297_235930109856059_1429923265_o 737909_328610133921389_829054342_o


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