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Hey everyone.  Sorry for not posting a blog in a little bit, but we have been very busy and I have had to work extra hours.  The downturn in business that we were expecting due to the perceived political climate never really happened and we have been running our tails off as the boss gave some of our instructors some much needed time off this month to go back to their homes and get some time off before the busy high season.  Thailand and especially Koh Samui is as safe as ever and people are starting to realize that and we have seen a huge uptick in bookings for the coming months.

On top of that, the conditions have been really good now with Sail Rock back to that 25-30 meter viz this week that make sit one of the best dive sites in the world. On top of that, we have our new shop in central Chaweng going full tilt now with a huge selection of diving and snorkeling equipment.  Also, all of our staff will be back from their vacations this weekend and rested up and raring to go for the high season.

We will get back to our instructor tips this week so please look out for a teaching blog about mid-week.  Please remember to check out our facebook fan page for daily pictures of everyone and also our google + page at

And of course our website at


Bark at ya later,




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