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Daily Woof April 29

Man still busy, busy, busy.  I have been running my tail off between all the divers we’ve been having, and getting my new shop up and going.  Check out our new signs that just went up and I am sure you notice the handsome guy on one of the signs.  That alone should be enough to bring in all the customers.  We also had our first guests at Stoli’s guesthouse this week and they are very happy and even extended their stay for 3 more nights.  Make sure to inquire about our dive and stay packages that we now offer in conjunction with the Amari Palm Reef and Stoli’s gueshouse.  I really like the sound of that.

The diving has still been unbelievable and we are so busy from divers wanting to book extra days and seeing all the spots we have here in the Gulf.  We’ve been going to Sail Rock daily where the visibility has been 25-30 meters, Chumphon Pinnacle which has been about 25 meters and all of the other dives sites around Koh Tao which have been 15-20 meters.  This is some of the best diving we have had in years and you need to come out and enjoy it with us.

Congratulations to Jessica who completed her PADI open water course with Arno, Charlotte who completed her course with Nick, and Torie and Kenny who completed their open water courses with Joe.  Also, Kristian who completed his PADI advanced open water with Nicola.  Great job everyone.

Ok, back to work so I hope you enjoy the pictures from the last few days and see how much fun everyone is having with Discovery.  Don’t forget to visit us at

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