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Daily Woof April 25

Yes, finally I got the call to go on the boat.  Not for diving, but as a snorkel guide.  Hey, I love snorkeling anyway and what a great way to spend the day guiding the snorkelers around.  We had two boats yesterday, one to Koh Tao and one to Sail Rock.  I was on the Sail Rock boat with two snorkelers and we had a great time.  I showed them all the good spots to see fish and corals on the rock and got some extra swimming time in between dives for myself too.

Sail rock was awesome for the divers too yesterday with 25 meter viz and tons and tons of barracuda, fusiliers, giant morays, white-eyed morays, and the biggest grouper I have ever seen!  What a monster.  Koh Tao was really nice also as we went to the wreck on the first dive and shark island on the second.

I’ll leave you with pictures of the day as I got to go home and rest now.  Don’t forget to visit us at

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