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Daily Woof April 24

Finally, I got a day to go on the boat.  We had a trip to the Angthong Marine Park today, one of my favorite places in the world, and I was put on the schedule to go.  Unfortunately, I forgot to set my alarm clock and overslept.  I cannot believe this has happened to me.  Eapecially after I saw all the pictures from the day and saw how much fun everyone had.  The gang did one dive at Koh Yippon and went in and out of all the caves and saw tons of fish, sting rays, lionfish and so much more.  then they went into the main marine park and went swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.  I am the best kayaker of course as I have 4 arms to use.  I’m like 2 people!  I hope my dad isn’t mad and not put me on the boat anymore for oversleeping.  I guess we’ll see.

Enjoy the pictures and you should all book this tour from us as everyone always has a great time.  Don’t forget to visit us at

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