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Daily Woof April 12

Happy Songkran everyone, or as they say here “sawadee pee mai”, which means happy new year. Looks like the fun has started early here as I just walked outside the shop here in Chaweng and got soaked by a bucket of water.  We will be closed tomorrow so our staff and myself can enjoy the festivities, which here on Samui are pretty much massive water fights mixed with some mild (haha) alcohol consumption.  The Discovery gang will be celebrating at our pier in Bangrak if anyone wants to come join us.

So to wrap up our last day of diving this year we had one boat to Sail rock and one boat to Angthong Marine Park today.  Angthong was spectacular with 12-15 meter visibility.  We had a fun mis of divers and snorkelers and we did our diving at Koh Yippon lek, and Koh Yippon Yai.  When we get this kind of conditions and visibility the marine park is one of the best sites in the area. Tons of fish and caves and swim throughs.  Sail Rock was a good 15 meter today with the usual suspects of giant morays, white eyed morays, batfish, fusiliers, trevally and so many more.

Congratulations today to Birgit on completing her deep adventure dive, Katrina on completing her open water course.  Katrina just came back to the shop soaked already.  We also had 6 people doing discover scuba with us today who all had a great time.

As I am off tomorrow I will be heading to the dogpound with my crew Deng Mo, Tong naam, and maybe even Andra tonight for some doggy cocktails and chasing some tail.

Have a great Songkran and see you Monday.  Don’t forget to visit us at

Bark at ya later,



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