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Daily Woof April 10

Ok, as we are sold out until Tuesday, I found some time to get out of the office and get myself ready for Songkran.  For those of you who don’t know about that, Songkran is the Thai new year which is on Sunday.  It is tradition here to have water fights and spraying water everywhere.  I just got myself a new super soaker and I am ready to use it.  If you are around Samui, come join us at our Discovery pier in Bangrak, but just watch out for me as I have no mercy in soaking you. (with water of course)

It never gets boring talking about the great diving conditions that we have now here.  Our Stoli boat went to Chumphon (20+ meters), Mango bay (20 meters) and Twins (20+).  We also had someone almost lose their hand to a shark bite.  Bood thing we got a picture of it below.  I would have kicked that shark’s butt.  Our Discovery boat went to Sail Rock where we had about 15-20 meters.  Can’t beat this!  Tomorrow we will have one boat going to Sail Rock and one to the Koh Tao.  We also had a lot of courses going on today.  Axel was with Birgit doing her open water, Steve was in the pool and classroom with Kim, Katrina and Rikke, and Nick was in the pool with Jemma and Jane.  All of them will be on the boat to Koh Tao tomorrow.  Don’t forget to visit us at

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