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Daily Woof April 4

Hey Everyone,

Sorry about not being able to post all day, but I was babysitting my little brother Jagger.  While everyone else was having fun on the boats I was home watching him.  That’s ok though because I love the little guy.  Tonight, I’m going to make Mom and Dad stay home and babysit while I go out and party.  Me, Deng Mo and Tong Naam are headed out to the boneyard for a big night.  We hear Scooby Doo is making an special appearance tonight and playing with his band.  On second thought, maybe I should bring Jagger with me.  That guy is a chick magnet!!

Ok ok, enough about me.  I know you want to hear about the great diving we have been having.  On Thursday we had one boat to Sail Rock and one to Koh Tao.  Sail Rock was beeeeaaauutiful with 15-20 meter viz and tons of fish.  Koh Tao and we went to Mango Bay (15 meters), HIn Wong Pinnacle (15 meters), and Lighthouse drop-off (5-10 meters).  Today we had one boat to Sail Rock (10-15 viz) and one to Koh Tao visiting Twins which was outstanding at 25 meters and Shark Island which dropped off a little to 10-15 meters.

We had a whole bunch of students taking and completing their courses the last couple of days.  Congratulations to Paul and James who did their open water course with Axel, Julie who completed her open water and advanced with Joe, William and Steven who completed their open water and adventure diver courses with Steve, Yuk Yee who completed her open water with James, Tony who did his advanced open water with Arno, and Michael who completed his open water with Tak.  Great job everyone.  Don’t forget to visit us at

Well, off to get a nap before by big night.  Please enjoy the pictures and

Bark at ya later,



IMG_0246 IMG_0207 IMG_0200 IMG_0197 IMG_4936 IMG_4931 IMG_4924 IMG_4905 IMG_4532 DSC07031 IMG_0120 IMG_4845 IMG_0081 IMG_0065 IMG_0049 IMG_0040 IMG_0030 IMG_0023 IMG_4871 IMG_4870 IMG_4861 IMG_4857 IMG_4507 IMG_4854 IMG_4502 IMG_4501 IMG_4853 IMG_4850 IMG_4849 DSC06973 IMG_4486 IMG_4833 IMG_4826 IMG_4823 IMG_4822 IMG_4821 IMG_4820 IMG_4819 IMG_4818 IMG_4817 IMG_4816 IMG_4480 IMG_0184 IMG_0107 IMG_0099 IMG_0087 IMG_4791 IMG_4755 IMG_4775 IMG_4763 IMG_4761 IMG_4758 IMG_4651 IMG_0042 IMG_0040 IMG_0028 IMG_4744 IMG_4709 IMG_4725 IMG_2916 IMG_0007 IMG_4439 IMG_0003 P1010322 IMG_4697 IMG_4703 IMG_4699 IMG_4695 IMG_4613 IMG_4606 IMG_4686 IMG_4684 IMG_4682