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Stoli’s Daily Woof March 23

Hey, I’m back!!  I know it’s been a long time since I wrote my blog, but I had an injury to my front paw and could not type.  I tried to dictate to my friend Deng Mo, but she doesn’t really know how to type in English and it was just a mess.  But, I am back now to let you guys know about everything going on at Discovery.

Wow, since my last blog a lot has changed.  I now have a baby brother, Jagger, who is already swimming and will start his baby open water course soon.  I will be the instructor of course.  We also have both of our speedboats back on the water again so that we can get everyone to more dive sites daily.

I will try to put up the pictures from the day now, so that you can check them out here as well as the daily conditions.

Today we did two dives at Koh Tao and the conditions weren’t bad.  Mango Bay was about 10-15 meters, White Rock 5-10 and Hin Wong Bay was about 5-10.  Everyone had a good time, but the ride back was a little wavy as the winds picked up.  The good news is the winds are supposed to die down everyday going forward and we should get into that beautiful spring weather we are known for.

Also, those of you who haven’t seen my new video, please check it out here:

check out the handsome buy jumping off the boat in the middle.

Bark at ya later,stoli

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