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Stoli’s Koh Samui Diving Woof and Weather

Whoa boy.  What a busy month we’ve had here at Discovery Divers.  My head is still spinning.  Good thing that the diving has been so busy because my other project didn’t work out so well.  As most of you who follow my blog will remember, I started my business promoting boxing matches between dogs and cats.  Well, things were going great and we even tried to get big name sponsors for our fights.  unfortunately, knucklehead Tong Naam reached out to PETA as a sponsor.  That did not go so well and we ended up getting shut down.

Even with the let down there I have been really busy teaching PADI diving courses here at Discovery.  Today I just finished 4 open waters and congratulations to Pia, Chloe, Caitlin, and Vaughn on completing their PADI open water course with me.  Of course I had Takeshi and Allie assisting me so they could learn something.  YOu can see the picture of me and the group after the dive today.

We have done close to 100 certifications already this month, but because we have 10 full-time instructors we are still able to keep the groups very small with usually a 2:1 student instructor ratio and never more than 4 in a group.  We have been running 2-3 boats a day, and then again never with more than 12 divers on board unlike the other crowded boats on the island.

Other than that, I have been working on another project that is almost ready and I’ll let you in on that one later in the week.  The weather has been beautiful here on Koh Samui with daily high temps around 32, so it has not been that hot.  We have had the occasional rain shower late in the afternoon, but that is only about an hour and then it clears right back up.  More of the same weather is forecasted for the coming week.  A great time to come out to Samui and go diving with us here at Discovery Divers.

Now I got to go grab a shower and get some rest for another busy day tomorrow.

Bark at ya later,


stoli 3

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