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Wow!!  Another busy and exciting week for me!  Check out the picture of the whale shark I took today at Sail Rock.  Me and the gang at Discovery have still been real busy even in low season.   Not only are we busy with lots of divers and courses, but we are also getting geared up for high season, which is only a month or so away.  I have been busy on the boat making sure everyone’s ok, and then back in the shop.  We currently are in the process of our annual replacing of our equipment.  we have sold almost all of our equipment that is a year old or more to other dive shops here and have a big new shipment of equipment coming in next week, just in time for high season.

So, today was a big day as we were the first boat at Sail Rock as usual and it really paid off today with great conditions and a whale shark to boot.  check out all of our pictures from the day as well as other days on facebook.  You can follow the link for our website and then click on the facebook icon and see what we’ve been up to.

Tomorrow we got another full boat going to Chumphon Pinnacle and Koh Tao with some fun divers and many people trying diving for the first time.  We also have Arnould teaching an Emergency First Responder course and Joe starting open water courses tomorrow.  That’s awesome as the more people we have around the shop, the more food I can beg.  Gonna be a good day for me.

The rain has been holding off lately, but we’ve had a little bit of wind and some waves, but not too bad.  The temps have been a high of about 34 which is pretty normal this time of year.  Looks like we have more of the same for the next week with hot temps and a slight chance of rain.

Check out the pictures of me on the boat and with some chicks.

Off to bed and get ready for another busy day tomorrow.

Bark at ya later,


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