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Daily Woof and Weather February 19

Jipped again!!!  So, I went our last night to celebrate my best friend View’s birthday.  Me and the gang went to our usual place, The Boneyard, and things got out of hand again.  I think someone poured a pitcher of jaegerbombs into the toilet I was drinking out of because I can’t remember anything.  I didn’t even find out until this morning that my friends Dang Mo and Tong Naam had to carry me home on their backs from the bar.  Geez, I didn’t even hook up, and a dog as cute as me should never have this happen.

Even worse, I overslept for the Discovery Divers trip to the Angthong Marine Park today.  It’s even worse because I am the head tour guide.  I hope I don’t get fired over this.  I did see the pictures though and heard from the gang when they got back and what a blast they had.

We had two speedboats full of fun people and they started off with a dive at Koh Wao and then headed to the Lagoon, and from there lunch and then kayaking and a lot of beach, snorkeling and sightseeing.  Everyone had a great time and I can’t believe I missed it.  Check out some of the pictures below and on our facebook page where we have some video from our website link next to my blog.

The moral of this story is to always check what is in the toilet before you drink out of it.  That goes for you humans too.  A friendly piece of advice from your buddy Stoli.

Well, the weather today was spectacular.  Sunny all day and a high of 32, and it looks the same for the next few days.  How can you beat that?

Now it’s time to go nurse my hangover and get ready for another busy day at Discovery tomorrow.

Bark at ya later,


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