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Daily Woof and Weather February 12

So, today I went to the spa to get a haircut, nails done and bath.  I need to look good for the big singles party Thursday at the Boneyard.  I must say that I am looking pretty hot and all those bitches at the party are going to be after me.  This is going to bo some valentines day.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

After the spa, I went back to help out at the office as they are so busy now with full boats everyday and lots and lots of courses and divers.  I even have put my handsome self in the window tonight to attract more people.  How can they resist me?

On the boat today to Koh Tao we had Tao and Nik with fun divers and Axel had a PADI advanced open water course and Joe and Arnould had PADI open water courses.  As we had no canine courses today I was able to take the day off.

Tomorrow is another busy day with Axel, Joe and Arnould doing courses, and Nik and Tao with fun divers and Cludio has discover scuba divers.
We also have Stella and Auy remodeling our classroom while everyone is on the boat.

The weather looks awesome tomorrow with light winds and a high of 32.  It looks great for the coming week also.

Bark at ya later,



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