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Daily Woof and Weather February 5

Yeah, Yeah, I know that it hasn’t exactly been a “daily” woof and weather lately, but I’ve been so busy being on the boat and teaching everyday, that I just haven’t had time to do my blog.  To tell you the truth I’d rather be on the boat anyway.

I’ve been having a blast.  Sunday we took a trip to the Angthong Marine Park on our Discovery Divers Boat and we had a full boat of people and did diving, snorkeling, lunch on the beach and visited the lagoon.  They have a rule there of no dogs on the beach, but once they found out that they had the world-famous Stoli the diving dog there, exceptions were made and rolled out the red carpet for me.  Everyone had a blast and we are going to start running the Marine Park trip regularly now.

I’m also going to Koh Tao on the boat later today and can’t wait to show everyone my diving skills again.  I put some pictures of me at the Marine Park below.

Other than that we have been real busy at the shop with lots of PADI courses and fun-divers everyday.  Keeping me real busy.  Tomorrow we will be busy again with the boat going back to Koh Tao and lots of courses starting in the shop.

The weather ahs been beautiful, with pretty much no rain , but a little bit of wind coming and maybe a few waves, but that is supposed to die down tomorrow.  The high temperature all week should be around 32.

I got to get running to the boat so bark at ya later,