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Daily Woof and Weather December 19

Another whale shark today.  What’s going on?  These guys are everywhere.  Good thing for the whale shark that I wasn’t on the boat today or I would have punched his lights out.  I’m not afraid of a 4 meter whale shark.

Today the Discovery gang saw another whale shark at Shark Island.  We had a full boat again today with lots of fun-divers.  hard to believe that they could have a good time without me, but everyone did anyway.

We are now pulling into high gear with high season here and I am going crazy trying to keep track of all of the PADI courses, discover scubas, try dives and fun-divers.  I  guess that’s what comes from being the dog in charge.

Tomorrow is another busy day with PADI open water courses starting, discover scuba divers, and bubblemakers all going on.

The weather here was beautiful today again and looks that way for the next few days and then looks like some rain coming our way for a few days.  Well, you can’t sit on the beach or at the pool when it rains so you may as well be under the water with us here at Discovery.

Bark at ya later,


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