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Daily Woof and Weather December 12

Finally I am on the boat schedule for tomorrow.  Since we have a group of snorkelers on our Discovery boat tomorrow I am going to be the snorkel guide.  I am psyched!!  I went out to the beach today just to practice up on my snorkeling skills and can’t wait until tomorrow to show my group all of the great stuff to see in Koh Tao.

I can’t believe how busy we are for tomorrow.  We actually had to stop taking customers this afternoon because we are full.  Our boat is full to Koh Tao and we have divers going to Sail Rock also.  So we got Stella, Axel, Nik and Claudio and me on the boats and Eric and Arnould are both starting a bunch of courses in the shop.  With high season just around the corner looks like the relaxing is over for me.

Today was also a great day with a bunch of Discover scuba divers going to Koh Tao and Axel starting open water course at the shop.

The weather is till looking good with tomorrow being partly sunny and a high of 31.  Perfect weather.

Ok, time to rest up for my big day

Bark at ya later,