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Daily Woof, Weather and blackout

Here we are at the end of day 3 without electricity. They say the power should be back by Easter.  The good thing is that nobody is really bitching too much.  There are gripes here and there about hurting business and tourism, but everyone is still in pretty good spirits.  Listen, as long as they keep feeding me my dogfood and I get water, has my life really changed that much?

Well, even with no power, the Discovery Divers gang has been going strong.  We had a full boat out today to Koh Tao with Ahnould, Axel, Stella and Em and more divers to Sail Rock with Claudio.  Eric and I held down the office for the day while Joe has been enjoying a few days vacation diving in the Similans.  Funny how Joe left the morning the power went out.

Congratulations to Niha and Ann for completing their PADI open water courses.

Tomorrow is another busy day with our boat going to Sail Rock with Eric, Tao and Ahnould, and Axel is on the boat doing a deep diver specialty course.  I think I may have to join in tomorrow and cool down in the water.

The wather has been fantastic with no rain and no wind and flat seas.  And it looks like that for the foreseeable future.  Of course right now I would kill for about 20 degrees as we have no air conditioning at the moment.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from today’s diving.

Bark at ya later,


706289_314147845367618_2076205889_o 703862_314150002034069_1934877594_o 478159_314154688700267_2110682381_o 704901_314150845367318_1172067141_o

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