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Daily Woof and Weather September 29

What a great day on the Discovery boat today.  We had a full boat of people going to Koh Tao and everyone had a great time.  Unfortunately I couldn’t dive today because I have a cold and would have problems equalizing so I had to stay in the office.  I was up all night anyway making the food for the boat.  Then I had to get up early and make it again because I ate the food last night.  This is really a vicious cycle.  I can’t stop my self from eating food that I cook.

either way we got it sorted out and I controlled myself and we had plenty of delicious food for our divers today.  The conditions were really good at Shark Island and the guys saw turtles and stingrays there.  There is a great video of a turtle on our facebook page which you can get to by following the link at the bottom of our homepage at  I was watching the video and looking at the pictures and think I might go out and get myself a shell.  How cool is that to have your own shell to hang out in.  I think I am going to the shell store and look today.  Does anyone know where the shell store is on Samui?

We also had divers to Sail Rock today who had a great time also.  Tomorrow we are taking our boat to Koh Tao again with team Germany and team Holland.  They both completed their PADI open water course with us last week and are going out again for dun dives.

The weather today was cloudy and a little cooler without the sun.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and no rain till later on.  Maybe that will affect my plans for the full moon party.  We’ll see.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from today’s dives.

Bark at ya later,


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