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Daily Woof and Weather September 26

Yesterday was a big day for me.  I finally took my new boat out.  First we started the day with a ceremony a Bhuda blessing and then did the traditional champagne christening.  If you want to see video of this all it is on our facebook page where there is a link at the bottom of our website home page at

After the ceremonies we went out to Koh Tao for some diving.  I hung out on the boat for the day and checked all the divers equipment and food of course.  I even jumped off for some swims at the dive site.  The boat ran great and we had a full boat of customers who were all very happy.  The food was excellent also.  Great job by our chef Dow on the food.  I gave it 5 starts myself.

Today we took the boat to Sail Rock and had a great day there too.  Nice that I have my own boat now and can go diving everyday.  I will probably take some friends out next week and teach them to dive.

Unfortunately, the weather looks like it will be a little rough starting Friday till Sunday and we may have to stay in for a few days.  No big deal  I need the rest anyway.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from my big day.  Enjoy.

Bark at ya later,