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Daily Woof and Weather September 23


Wow!  What a day I had on my birthday.  First my mom and dad woke me up at midnight and gave me a new bed, a new shirt and a bunch of toys.  I think I spent about 3 hours playing until I finally passed out on my new bed.  Then Dad woke me up and said he wanted to take me to show me my next present.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was my own boat.  All that money I got from the Stolichnaya lawsuit finally paid off.

So i went around and inspected everything and it all looks great.  Especially the handsome guy painted on the side of the boat.  I can’t wait to take it out with customers this week.  After the boat I went home and found that my dad also bought me new home entertainment surround sound system.  I couldn’t believe it.  Now I can watch my Scooby Doo cartoons in HD.  Does anyone else wonder why scooby and Shaggy never have girlfriends?   Zoinks!!  not sure whats going on there.  If I was in Scooby’s place I would be all over Daphne.

The day wasn’t over yet.  About 9:00 pm Tong Naam and Deng Mo came by my house and kidnapped me and took me to the Dogpound for some celebration drinks.  All I know is I woke up in someone else’s doghouse this morning and don’t remember anything.

To finish it off my buddy Dayna gave a me a portrait of some really handsome dog.  I am not sure who it is, but the guy is really good-looking.

The shop today was busy again I hear with a bunch of open water students and fundivers and looks like we are full for tomorrow.  Guess I’ll have to go in and help out at the office.
The weather was beautiful today with lots of sunshine and hot hot hot.  tomorrow looks the same and then maybe some bad weather coming in for the weekend.  We will wait and see.

Check out some great video Joe took today of a spanish dancer on our facebook page.  You can reach it with the link at the bottom of our home page at

I’ll leave you with some birthday pictures.

Bark at ya later,