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Daily Woof and Weather September 21

Well folks, tomorrow is the big day.  My 5th birthday.  I am a little bit worried though because I haven’t seen or heard anything about it yet.  I already have searched the whole house and have not found any hidden presents, bones, cats, or anything.  I hope my mom and dad did not forget.  Maybe they are planning on taking me diving for my birthday.  or to Disneyland.  I hear they have some pretty big mice to catch over at that place.

Now that high season is over it’s back to normal again.  Busy, but not crazy.  Tomorrow we got a good mix of open water courses, discover scuba divers and fundivers all going out to celebrate my birthday (I think).

Today was also busy and congratulations to Irene in completing her advanced open water course.  Good job.

So, I am going to rest up for the big day tomorrow and get a good dream about all the presents I am going to get.

Bark at ya later,