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Daily Woof and Weather September 18

Well, we got through the 2 days of rain and high winds and the guys all enjoyed their days off and now back to beautiful weather.  I was getting a little sick of staying inside for two days anyway.  I need to be outside and on the beach hanging out. We can’t even get Lassie movies to watch here in the afternoons and the Scooby Doo cartoons are all in Thai language.  I didn’t even know Scooby knows how to speak Thai.  He is smarter than I thought.  Of course Shaggy is not as smart but I don’t know if “zoinks” is an english word or Thai word.

After the weekend washout the gang at Discovery was back to work Monday and Tuesday with a full slate of divers and courses.  Today Eric, Axel, Claudio and Joe were all on the boats to Koh Tao and Sail Rock.  Now that high season is over we should start getting a little more free time to get some rest and caught up on things for the next high season only a few months away.  I can even plan my November vacation  now.  Not sure where I’m gonna go yet, but open to suggestions.

The weather here in Samui is hot and sunny again.  A real scorcher today.  Looks like the same for all week with high temps in the mid-30’s and no rain except maybe a little at night.
Bark at ya later,


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