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Kind of Daily Woof and Weather September 11

Yes, I am alive.  Sorry that i haven’t been writing the blog lately but I lost my computer the other night.  I was at the 40th birthday party for my friend Mike and I think I drank too much champagne out of the bowl.  I guess that will teach me to bring my laptop with me to a birthday party.  I was gong to put all of the pictures on Dogbook, but oh well.
So, a lot has been going on here since I last blogged.  I moved to my new house where I have my own room.  Now I can have girls over all the time without my mom and dad knowing.  There’s a lot of hot bitches (female dogs) in the neighborhood.

My boat is still not ready yet as Eric wanted to make a few finishing touches on it before using it.  Of course I will need to approve of everything before I can put my name and seal of approval on it.  Hopefully it will be ready very very soon.

The weather has been great, but it looks like a little bit of wind and rain is coming soon.  We should have another day or two of great diving and then we will have to keep our eyes on the skies a little.  I don’t mind it raining dogs, but cats and dogs can be a problem for me.
I’ll get back to showing you some great pictures of our diving tomorrow as I need to finish unpacking.

Bark at ya later,