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Daily Woof and Weather July 23

First off, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my Grandma.  I wish I was there to celebrate with you and steal some cake, but it is way too busy here for me to leave now.

Yes, it has been crazy busy here and hopefully I will have my boat in a few days and then I will even be busier as I will be the boatmaster for the Stoli Boat.  Other than that my new doghouse is almost finished.  They put the kitchen in today and it should only be a couple of weeks till i can move in.

Today we had 3 boats to Koh Tao and Sail Rock.  Axel had advance open water students, Tao and Joe had discover scuba divers, Claudio had open water students and Nicola had fundivers.  Everyone had a great time with a beautiful day and good diving conditions.  We have some pictures of Joe’s group below.

Tomorrow is busy again with Eric, Stella, Axel, Claudio, Tao and Nicola all on the boat and Joe starting open water courses at the Amari.  We have boats going to Koh Tao and to Sail Rock.

The weather looks good with maybe a little rain tomorrow afternoon, but should be after our diving anyway.

Bark at ya later,