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Daily Woof and Weather July 19

You won’t believe what happened here yesterday in Samui.  I was out with the divers and we stopped on the beach for lunch.  All of a sudden this giant snapping turtle came out of the water and tried to eat one of our divers.  I sprang into action and used all my paws to kick his ass and subdue him.  I then dragged him on to the beach and displayed him like a trophy.  We even got our dive group to pose for a picture around him after the dive.  I am definitely a hero!

Today we had a big group out to enjoy beautiful Sail Rock.  congratulations to Jacob in completing his PADI open water certification today.  he had a great time finishing his course in Sail Rock with Tao.

Tomorrow we got a big group heading out to Koh Tao, and I should have my boat here in Samui in about a week.  Then the real fun starts.

We had a little rain today off and on, and maybe some coming tonight, then it will clear up for a few days.

Bark at ya later,



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