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Daily Woof and Weather July 17

Another busy week here for me at Discovery Divers.  I’ve been running around everywhere.  The pool, office, the boats.  I’ve barely had time to knock over garbage cans.  We are really in the swing of high season now and the staff and I are doing a great job with all the customers.  On top of that, I got my new house almost finished, and my new boat almost finished.

I should have my new boat here next week.  I will send you lots of pictures when it arrives.  I can’t wait to get out on the boat everyday and dive.  Finally my dream will come true.

Today we had a big group who went to Koh Tao, and Eric was teaching an open water course in the pool and I was assisting of course.

Tomorrow we have another big group for Koh Tao, with Eric, Stella, Axel, Joe, Tao and Bruce all out to have a good time with a mix of fun-divers, PADI courses, and discover scuba divers.  What a day!

The weather’s been hot and sunny again with a forecast high of 33 for tomorrow.  We might get some rain in the evening, but who cares about that as long as it is nice during the day for diving.  Of course the rain washes all of the scents off the trees and I have to go back to work to mark everything again.

Bark at ya later,