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Daily Woof and Weather July 10

Hey Peeps,

High season is in full swing here at Discovery Divers.  I spent the whole day at work today and didn’t even get a chance for my usual 2 hours nap.  We had a steady stream of customers coming in all day booking scuba diving, PADI courses and buying a lot of equipment.  After this blog post I am just going to sack out.

So we are completely sold out now until Saturday with Eric, Axel, Joe, Claudio, Stella and Tao all booked up for the next few days.  I tried again to get on the boat to help out teaching and now they are asking for my work permit before I can start teaching.  These guys at the boats are coming up with anything to keep me off the boat.  The guys from the other companies just know that as soon as everyone sees me in action they are all going to look like second-rate.

I can’t wait until my boat is finished and I can go out every day diving.   Eric and I are going to head up to Pattaya on Friday after diving to check out the boat as the builder says it is almost done.  Hope to get it down to Samui soon.

Tomorrow is another busy day with Joe and Claudio doing courses in open water, Axel and Tao have discover scuba divers, Stella and Bruce have fun divers and Eric will be doing an Emergency First Responder course and a rescue diver course.  I guess I’ll have to stay in the shop and keep selling.

The weather today was back to normal with it being sunny and hot.  Great for diving.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the same with a high temp of 33 degrees.

Bark at ya later,