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Daily Woof and Weather July 7

I found another way to make money here in Samui.  I will be teaching a weekly garbage tipping over class.  You can learn the fine art of sniffing out where the garbage is, opening the cabinet, and of course being able to get the top off and tip over the garbage to inspect the contents.  Of course if you pass the first course, then you can take the advanced level which is scattering the garbage all over the house.  For both courses we will skip the cleanup portion as that does not concern us.  Maybe we can get PADI to add as an elective dive the boat garbage tip over or the boat tip over specialty course.

Busy again here at Discovery Divers with boats today going to Koh Tao and Sail Rock.  Conditions are great now, so a good time to get in the water.

The weather is the same today with hot and sunny, but I see some clouds rolling in for later and I think it will rain later this afternoon and tonight just like yesterday.  As long as it doesn’t rain while we’re on the boat, then everything’s ok.

Here are the pictures from yesterday that I forgot to attach.  Enjoy.

Bark at ya later,



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