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Daily Woof and Weather July 3

Yes, it is time for you to put in your votes for who should win the PADI open water diver challenge.  Team Norway or Team Awesome.  You can check out the pictures and videos which are on our facebook page and vote for who should win.  You can access our facebook page by going to our website at and click the facebook link at the bottom of the home page.  Lots of vids and pics.

Well, high season is here and I am working my tail off already scheduling divers, teaching courses and working on my other projects.  It’s amazing how many dogs come during high season to take their courses.

Rodney, Katis, Eirik, Kristin, Agnes and Astri all completed their open water courses yesterday.  Great job guys.  Sorry I couldn’t be your instructor, but Joe and Axel did a great job.

Today is overcast here which is giving us a little break from that strong, hot sun.  The forecast is for a little rain here and there for the next few days, but mainly in he evening.

Bark at ya later,



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