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Daily Woof and Weather July 1

Who cares about Spain v Italy in the Euro final tonight.  The big contest is Axel’s team Norway v Joe’s team awesome in the July PADI open water  diver course challenge.  Which team can hover the best?  Exhale the whole way up on the cesa?  Which team can give me the most treats?  With three students each, Team Awesome is holding a slight lead over team Norway with one day to go.  The final is tomorrow at Sail Rock.  Don’t miss it!!

In addition to the big contest tomorrow, Tao will be taking some discover scuba divers to Koh Tao, Stella will be taking fun divers to Sail Rock and Claudio will be starting 3 new open water students in the pool.  I will be assisting Claudio of course.

Well, it is currently raining cats and dogs here, but who really cares about the cats anyway.  I haven’t seen lightning like this in a while.  I even got a good picture of the lightning on my paw-phone.  Check it out below.  the rain is supposed to stop in a little bit and then another sunny and hot one for tomorrow.

Let me try to go stay dry and we’ll let you know who wins the PADI Open Water Challenge tomorrow.

Bark at ya later,