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Daily Woof and Weather June 21

Screwed Again!!  So the olympics say they have no rules against dogs competing in the marathon, but they have a rule you can only run on two feet.  What am I gonna do now?  I am running out of ideas to make money to buy my boat.

At least the shop has been crazy busy.  I should have taken advantage of the profit-sharing when it was offered to me.  Today we had boats to Sail Rock and to the marine park.  Both groups had a lot of fun while I had to stay home and supervise the new house building.

We have a lot going on tomorrow also.  We have some Discover scuba diving people going to Koh Tao, and some fun divers also.  we also have some people starting their open water course here at our shop

The weather was beautiful today with a high of 34 and sunny all day.  More of the same coming all week.

Well, I think I am going to give up on the boat idea as I’ll never have enough money for it.  I am so depressed right now.   I am headed straight to the bar tonight to drown my sorrows.  Guess I’ll bark at you some other time and here are some pictures of today’s diving.




Daily Woof and Weather June 20

Go Team Stoli!!  I have decided to give up my job as a motorbike taxi driver.  And no, it has nothing to do with me not getting any customers.  I just thought of a better idea.  I was looking through the rules for the upcoming summer olympics and there are no rules against dogs competing.  As I love to run,  I am going to train for the olympic marathon.  After I win the marathon, I will get many sponsers and will be able to have money to buy a boat.  I need this boat to go diving everyday.   I am sure no one can beat me.  I started my training today and you can see video of it on our facebook page.  The link to it is at the bottom of our homepage at

I will try to get the training in with the crazy times we are having at the shop right now.  We haven’t been this busy since the holidays.  We have all of our staff on the boats everyday right now, except for Papa Joe of course, who somehow thinks it’s better to be scuba diving with his family in Bali right now instead of being here to help me out.

Today we had a tome of divers with PADI open water students, Discover Scuba divers, and fun divers.  Eric, Claudio, Axel, Stella and Tao were all on the boats today.  Tomorrow is more of the same with everyone on the boats again and me left fo hold down the office and do my olympic training.

The weather has been great for us for diving.  Today was sunny with a high of 33, and the rest of the week looks about the same.  No rain in sight.

Well, let me get back to my running and I’ll bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather June 17

Motorbike taxi driver.  Yes, that will be my new job so I can earn money.  I am sick and tired of seeing everyone have so much fun on the boats with Discovery Divers and some of the people on the boats say they don’t want a dog on the boat.  This taxi job will definitely earn me enough money to go out and buy my own boat.

It must be a slow day, because I have spent 2 hours outside trying to get customers and no one has hired me yet.  Probably because it’s a Sunday. I am sure it will pick up tomorrow.

While I was out trying to hustle fares they were real busy in the shop.  I was a steady stream of people coming in to book scuba diving and it looks like we are going to be very busy this week.  Maybe they will give me work picking up customers on my motorbike.  then when I took a break I made a new friend.  Stella was babysitting one of our divers baby while Sven is taking his PADI open water course.  I would rather stay and play with the baby as obviously no one needs a taxi on a Sunday.

Claudio came back with his customers from Koh Tao and they had a really great day.  Saw some turtles and a sea snake.  He got really good video of the sea snake which you can check out on our facebook page at           

Also congratulations yesterday to Nicolas for finishing his open water and Bubble maker course in the same day.  There is a picture below.  Also some pictures of me waiting for my customers and from the diving today.

The weather is hot and sunny today with a high of 33 degrees.  Looks like more of the same tomorrow, but it is a little windy out there which may cause for some waves the next couple of days or so.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather June 16

The good news is I found a captain for my boat.  My friend Duke took the job.  I haven’t checked with the boss yet, but i am sure he will be ok with it.  Duke has been driving boats since he was a puppy.  the bad news is that I still have no money for a boat

Ok, so the fishing thing doesn’t seem to be working so well,  I haven’t caught one yet and so I’ve made no money, but I did find a toilet seat out off of Chaweng beach.  Not sure what I can do with that.  I guess that it was there for people who need to go to the bathroom while swimming.  I am going to have to go find another job or something to make money.  I want to be diving everyday.  does anyone know if someone is hiring for knocking over trash cans.  I am one of the best in the world at this.

Mantas, mantas, mantas.  that’s all I’m hearing about today.  Supposedly there were manta rays at Sail rock yesterday.  I don’t think anyone has seen mantas there in 10 years or so.  I was trying to get on the boat for diving Sail Rock today to see for myself, but Claudio has the day off for his birthday so i am stuck working in the office.  Who cares about manta rays.  When was the last time someone saw a dog in the water at Sail Rock?

Today is hot and sunny again with a high of 33 and tomorrow a high of 34.  Maybe a little thunder shower coming in later, but that shouldn’t affect the diving as our boats are back early.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather June 14

So I am trying to find a way to improve on my fishing skills so that I can make some money.  I of course have a dream of owning my own boat so that I can go scuba diving whenever I want and not have to put up with nasty people not letting me on the boat.  I was on Chaweng beach yesterday and one of the beach venders came up to me and said he had some magic glasses that will make me invisible in the water and then I can catch all the fish I want because the fish cannot see me.

I paid the guy 1200 baht for the glasses and went in to the water to start my fishing.  I think I must have gotten the wrong goggles, because all they did was make the fish invisible.  i even tried truing them inside out thinking that could be the problem but that didn’t work either.  That just gave me a headache instead.  If I find that guy who ripped me off I’m gonna take a nice chunk out of his leg.  I figure if I put a chunk of his leg in the water at least I’ll see a lot of fish.  the upside is that the goggles are great for riding on my motorbike, but does that make the bike invisible?  I guess I’ll find out.

While I was out fishing the gang was having a good time on the boats.  Today Claudio was out at Sail rock with some divers and Axel is in Koh Tao with a really cool family trying scuba diving for the first time.  Tomorrow looks pretty busy also with a bunch of divers going out to Koh Tao.

Today was back to sunny and hot with a high temp of about 32 and no rain in sight for a while it seems.  Awesome weather to try to catch some fish.  if that doesn’t work I’d better try something else.

I wonder if I can make money sleeping?  I am pretty good at that.

Bark at ya later,




Daily Woof and Weather June 12

So I go to the boat today as I know today was going to be a lot of fun and ran into a problem again.  You see, here in Samui all the dive companies share speedboats to go to the dive sites.  it seems some of the other companies have a problem with me going on the boat.  You guys had no problem with JJ, but you have a problem with me?  Are you kidding me?  Well, I did not get on the boat today in the end.

Well, I’ll show these guys.  I’m just going to go out and buy my own diving boat.  then I’ll decide who goes on the boat.  I’ll smell all the staff and customers and decide who can go.  This should be easy.  how much does a boat cost anyway?  A couple of bags of dogfood maybe?  no problem.

I just need to find a way to raise the money to do this.  So I thought of a good way.  Since I live on the beach and our dive shop is on the beach I can just catch fish and sell them.  I see the boats doing that all day and they make a living right?

ok, so I spent the day fishing and it was a little harder than I thought.  I felt like Tom hanks at the beginning of Castaway or some of the freelancers on the island trying to find secret pinnacle.  I’m gong to have to get better at this if I am going to raise some $$ for a boat.

I missed another great day as we had 9-year-old Charly doing bubblemaker in Koh Tao whole his brother Alex did Discover Scuba diving and their dad went along for a fun dive.  We also had a group of fundivers out on the boat today.

The weather was beautiful today as it usually is.  A little hot though.  33 today with a strong sun.  It looks like more of the same drill for the rest of the week.  that’s good weather for me to practice my fishing.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of today including me fishing.  And what’s with the tourists taking pictures of me while I am working?  Am I some kind of tourist attraction?  I should charge for those pictures people were taking of me.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather June 10

Finally back to sunny and hot here in Samui.  I was ready to go back to the beach and get to poaching food from people when they go in the water.  Today though I was busy at the Amari doing try dives.  I signed up 5 people today to dive the next couple of days.  They’ve got to let me on the boat now, right?  it’s been almost two weeks for me since I went scuba diving.

The whole gang was on the boa today, so I had to stay at the shop.  Congratulations to Molly and Jake on completing their open water courses today.  The gang had a blast on the boat today with a full boat.  We had DSD’s fundivers and courses going on in Koh Tao.  They said the conditions were really good too.  Hope they stay that way for my next dive.

The weather is supposed to stay great for the next week as far as we can see.  I am sure I’ll be back to hanging at the beach.

Bark at ya later,


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