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Daily Woof and Weather June 30

So I’m doing my daily beach walk this morning and right outside my house on the beach someone built a volleyball court.  You have not seen real volleyball played until you’ve seen me spring up and spike that ball.  I think I’m going to go home early form work today and see if I can round up a game with some of the other dogs on the beach.  You can catch the picture attached of me checking out the court.

At work we are crazy busy as usual with a lot of courses going on right now.  Tomorrow we have 7 open water courses going on with Axel and Joe, and have Stella taking the fundivers, Tao has discover scuba divers and I’ll be holding down the office.  Monday we have 10 open water courses going on already.  I had better get some time for my volleyball!!

The weather today held up again.  For 3 days now they have been calling for rain and I still have not seen any yet.  Tomorrow they say maybe some rain and a little bit of waves, but who knows.  I guess we’ll see when I wake up.

Bark at ya later,