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Daily Woof and Weather June 25

Another beautiful day here in Koh Samui and another great day at Discovery Divers.  We were fully booked today suing two boats to go to Sail Rock.  Unfortunately there was no whale shark today.  I am to blame for that one.  The guys told me yesterday to make sure I call the whale shark and tell him to meet us at Sail Rock this morning, but I got distracted by some garbage cans to tip over and forgot to call.  Sorry guys.

Tomorrow we are off with another big group to Koh Tao.  The weather will be great and should be flat seas so I am sure it will be a great day.

Congratulations today to Anaise and Mark on completing their open water courses and to Linda on completing her scuba diver course.  We are very proud and happy that Linda really enjoyed the diving once she got in the open water.  A lot more fun than in the pool.

The weather still looks real good coming up with high temps in the low 30’s for the next few days and no rain in the forecast till at least Friday.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from today and bark at ya later,