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Daily Woof and Weather June 24

Another day stuck in the office working and not diving, but at least I am reading all of my e-mails about boat designs and names.  Sorry, but I think “Aquaholic” and “disco dog” are not gonna work but keep trying.

Someone actually told me a funny joke today.  You know why dogs lick themselves?  Because they can, that’s why.  Ok, maybe some of you won’t find that funny, but I do

Another busy day here at Discovery Divers.  We have a boat out to Sail Rock and hopefully we will see another whale shark today while diving.  Tomorrow we got a huge group of people going to Sail Rock.  I think everyone wants to see the whale shark.  or they’re just finding an excuse to come back to the shop and play with me.

My buddy Joe is still in Bali and the other day he told me he saw 14 dolphins and 5 manta rays while diving.  Hey Joe, lay off the drugs!!  Maybe he did see that.  i saw 20 dolphins, but that was at Sea World of course.

Today we have a high temp of 34 and bright and sunny.  The next two days are supposed to be the same.  Great weather for diving or working on my blog I guess.

As far as my boat goes, keep the ideas coming for names and designs.  You can e-mail them to

Here are some pictures from yesterdays dive and of course me working on my blog.

Bark at ya later,


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