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Daily Woof and Weather June 23

Woo Hoo!!!  What a great day.  So my lawyer called those guys from Stoli vodka about using my picture and name and threatened to sue the pants off of them.  After negotiating all day, the Stoli vodka people asked what it would take to make this go away.  As you all know I have been trying to raise money for my own boat to go scuba diving with.  So, we settled that the vodka people are going to buy me a boat and supply my dad with 100 cases of Stoli vodka.  So I get my boat, but there is no way I am letting my dad drive it with 100 cases of vodka around.

I am so excited that in a few weeks I will get to go diving everyday, and then I can kick people off of my boat because they smell.  Hahahah, my turn folks.

With the boat coming soon, now I have to figure our a name for my boat and a design to paint on the side.  Discovery Divers (my company) said that they will run a contest and get some ideas.

If they choose a name that you submit, which you can on the comments part of this blog, then you will get a 3500 gift certificate to use at Discovery Divers for anything you want including dive trips and equipment.

If they choose a design that you submit for the boat, then you will get a 5000 gift certificate to use at Discovery Divers.

You can submit your entries either herein the comments, or you can e-mail them to

The contest will run for one week and we will announce the winners next weekend.

As far as what is going on at Discovery, what a great day today.  We had a big group on the boats to Sail Rock and Koh Tao today and everyone at Sail rock got to see a whale shark.  I am enclosing a picture of one, and you can check out video of it on our facebook page.  You can reach our facebook page with the link at the bottom of our home page at

The weather is great again and looks like clear skies and hot weather for the coming week also.

Bark at ya later,