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Daily Woof and Weather June 22

WTF is this?  So, if you’ve been following what has been going on here.  I have been trying unsuccessfully to find a second job to raise some money to buy my own boat so I can go scuba diving without anyone kicking me off the boat for the various reasons (doggy breath, dirty paws, peeing on the boat, etc.) and finally gave up last night.

So I’m at the bar last night drinking away my sorrows and order a vodka on the rocks.  This guy pours me a drink from a bottle with my picture on it.  I find out that some scumbag company put my picture on a vodka bottle and had the nerve to even name the vodka “Stoli”  I can’t believe it!

Well, of course a call was made first thing to my lawyer Tong Naam, who is one of the best dog lawyers in Thailand.  We are going to sue the pants off of these guys for using my picture and name.  I also found out that they’ve been doing this for years.  I’ll keep you guys informed with what happens, but until then, please refrain from drinking any Stoli vodka as you may be breaking the law and I may sue you also!

Other than that, Discovery Divers has been crazy busy as usual.  Today we were out to Koh Tao with some Discover Scuba Divers, fun divers and scuba review.  Tomorrow we are off to Koh Tao and Sail Rock again with full boats.  We have Eric, Axel, Claudio and Tao on he boats tomorrow.  How bout me guys????

The weather here was another hot and sunny one with more of the same all week.  I know I am starting to sound like a broken record.

Bark at ya later,