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Daily Woof and Weather June 21

Screwed Again!!  So the olympics say they have no rules against dogs competing in the marathon, but they have a rule you can only run on two feet.  What am I gonna do now?  I am running out of ideas to make money to buy my boat.

At least the shop has been crazy busy.  I should have taken advantage of the profit-sharing when it was offered to me.  Today we had boats to Sail Rock and to the marine park.  Both groups had a lot of fun while I had to stay home and supervise the new house building.

We have a lot going on tomorrow also.  We have some Discover scuba diving people going to Koh Tao, and some fun divers also.  we also have some people starting their open water course here at our shop

The weather was beautiful today with a high of 34 and sunny all day.  More of the same coming all week.

Well, I think I am going to give up on the boat idea as I’ll never have enough money for it.  I am so depressed right now.   I am headed straight to the bar tonight to drown my sorrows.  Guess I’ll bark at you some other time and here are some pictures of today’s diving.