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Daily Woof and Weather June 20

Go Team Stoli!!  I have decided to give up my job as a motorbike taxi driver.  And no, it has nothing to do with me not getting any customers.  I just thought of a better idea.  I was looking through the rules for the upcoming summer olympics and there are no rules against dogs competing.  As I love to run,  I am going to train for the olympic marathon.  After I win the marathon, I will get many sponsers and will be able to have money to buy a boat.  I need this boat to go diving everyday.   I am sure no one can beat me.  I started my training today and you can see video of it on our facebook page.  The link to it is at the bottom of our homepage at

I will try to get the training in with the crazy times we are having at the shop right now.  We haven’t been this busy since the holidays.  We have all of our staff on the boats everyday right now, except for Papa Joe of course, who somehow thinks it’s better to be scuba diving with his family in Bali right now instead of being here to help me out.

Today we had a tome of divers with PADI open water students, Discover Scuba divers, and fun divers.  Eric, Claudio, Axel, Stella and Tao were all on the boats today.  Tomorrow is more of the same with everyone on the boats again and me left fo hold down the office and do my olympic training.

The weather has been great for us for diving.  Today was sunny with a high of 33, and the rest of the week looks about the same.  No rain in sight.

Well, let me get back to my running and I’ll bark at ya later,