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Daily Woof and Weather June 17

Motorbike taxi driver.  Yes, that will be my new job so I can earn money.  I am sick and tired of seeing everyone have so much fun on the boats with Discovery Divers and some of the people on the boats say they don’t want a dog on the boat.  This taxi job will definitely earn me enough money to go out and buy my own boat.

It must be a slow day, because I have spent 2 hours outside trying to get customers and no one has hired me yet.  Probably because it’s a Sunday. I am sure it will pick up tomorrow.

While I was out trying to hustle fares they were real busy in the shop.  I was a steady stream of people coming in to book scuba diving and it looks like we are going to be very busy this week.  Maybe they will give me work picking up customers on my motorbike.  then when I took a break I made a new friend.  Stella was babysitting one of our divers baby while Sven is taking his PADI open water course.  I would rather stay and play with the baby as obviously no one needs a taxi on a Sunday.

Claudio came back with his customers from Koh Tao and they had a really great day.  Saw some turtles and a sea snake.  He got really good video of the sea snake which you can check out on our facebook page at           

Also congratulations yesterday to Nicolas for finishing his open water and Bubble maker course in the same day.  There is a picture below.  Also some pictures of me waiting for my customers and from the diving today.

The weather is hot and sunny today with a high of 33 degrees.  Looks like more of the same tomorrow, but it is a little windy out there which may cause for some waves the next couple of days or so.

Bark at ya later,