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Daily Woof and Weather June 14

So I am trying to find a way to improve on my fishing skills so that I can make some money.  I of course have a dream of owning my own boat so that I can go scuba diving whenever I want and not have to put up with nasty people not letting me on the boat.  I was on Chaweng beach yesterday and one of the beach venders came up to me and said he had some magic glasses that will make me invisible in the water and then I can catch all the fish I want because the fish cannot see me.

I paid the guy 1200 baht for the glasses and went in to the water to start my fishing.  I think I must have gotten the wrong goggles, because all they did was make the fish invisible.  i even tried truing them inside out thinking that could be the problem but that didn’t work either.  That just gave me a headache instead.  If I find that guy who ripped me off I’m gonna take a nice chunk out of his leg.  I figure if I put a chunk of his leg in the water at least I’ll see a lot of fish.  the upside is that the goggles are great for riding on my motorbike, but does that make the bike invisible?  I guess I’ll find out.

While I was out fishing the gang was having a good time on the boats.  Today Claudio was out at Sail rock with some divers and Axel is in Koh Tao with a really cool family trying scuba diving for the first time.  Tomorrow looks pretty busy also with a bunch of divers going out to Koh Tao.

Today was back to sunny and hot with a high temp of about 32 and no rain in sight for a while it seems.  Awesome weather to try to catch some fish.  if that doesn’t work I’d better try something else.

I wonder if I can make money sleeping?  I am pretty good at that.

Bark at ya later,