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Daily Woof and Weather June 9

I went to the spa today to get a haircut and a manicure with the Samui top dog awards nominations supposed to be announced tomorrow. I want to look good for the worldwide press coverage as I believe I am in the top running for Best Dog and non-stinkiest breath.  I will be waiting by the phone for the call tomorrow.

While I was at the spa, I missed a great day on the boat.  Finally the weather was nicer today and we had a good group of divers going to Sail Rock.  Of course they were missing the top instructor on the island, but I had other priorities today.

I heard the shop was real busy today booking divers for diving and course in the next week.  I fully expect to be busy on the boats next week as my buddy Joe is heading off the Bali for two weeks.  Looks like I’ll be the top dog again in the shop.

Tomorrow is another rager as we have a big group going to Koh Tao.  Eric, Axel, Joe and Claudio will all be on the boat and it should be a great day.  I of course will be on tv accepting my nominations.  I’ll let you know tomorrow what happened.

Today was a perfect day being sunny with a high temp of about 32.  The weather is supposed to get better and better everyday now so the diving should be getting awesome again.

I’m gonna get an early start to bed so I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of me after the spa and of course stealing some dinner.

Bark at ya later,